When using Wrappy, operated by Wrapious Marketing Co., Ltd., you are agreeing in full to this privacy policy.

For the purpose of these terms, Wrapious Marketing Co., Ltd. will be referred to as “the company” and all users of the company’s service shall be referred to as “the customer”. The website is operated by the company at http://www.wrappy.net

There are many different ways you can use our services – to search for and share information, to communicate with other people or to create new content. When you share information with the company, we can make those services even better – to help you connect with people or to make sharing with others quicker and easier. As you use our services, we want it to be clear how we’re using your information and the ways in which you can protect your privacy:

Information you provide
  • Customers will provide their mobile numbers to create a Wrappy account.
  • The customer will also be asked to provide the company with the phone numbers in their mobile address book. Customers will confirm that the company is authorized to obtain such information.
  • In addition to that, customers may also add other information to their account, such as profile name, profile picture and status message.
Sharing data
  • In Wrappy, the company will never SHARE customer’s data with anyone except in certain circumstances. The company will only use the data they collected from the customer to provide, maintain, protect, and improve Wrappy.
  • “Certain circumstances” is being defined as special permits or permission from the government to obtain information of the Customer.
Storing data

Wrappy only stores collected data to improve the customer’s user experience and the overall quality of the company’s services. The company holds every right to hold the data as long as the customer continue using Wrappy.

Cloud chats

Wrappy uses cloud service technology. Company store messages, photos, videos and documents from customer’s cloud chats on company’s servers, so that customer can access data from any of customer’s devices anytime and use company’s instant server search to quickly access customer’s messages from way back. All data is stored heavily encrypted and the encryption keys in each case are stored in several other DCs in different jurisdictions.

Secret chats

Secret chats uses end-to-end encryption where all data is encrypted with a key that only customer and the recipient know. Keep in mind that company do not have direct access to customer’s device or getting to know what content if being sent in those messages. Company do not store customer’s secret chats in company’s servers. Besides that, company do not keep any logs for messages in secret chats, so after a short period of time, company have no information about the secret chats.

Media in secret chats

Photos, video or files via secret chats can be uploaded with encryption that is not known to the server and only can be downloaded by the intended user and by deciphering the file.

Deleting accounts

1. Account deactivation

Customer can deactivate their account by using deactivation page. Deleting customer account permanently removes all customer messages, groups and contacts. This action must be confirmed via customer Wrappy account and cannot be undone.

2. Messages

Everything you delete is deleted forever. When you delete a message, you delete it from your message history. This means that a copy still stays on the server as part of your partner ‘s message history. As soon as your partner deletes it too, it’s gone forever. Wrappy's goal is not to bring profit and we value the disk space on our servers greatly.
In super groups, deleted messages and original versions of edited messages are stored for 48 hours in order to be shown in the admins log.

3. Self-destructing messages

Messages in chat can be ordered to self-destruct. Self-destruct happens only when a message is read by intended parties and the countdown starts once two (2) checks appear. When the time is out, all devices participating in the secret chat are instructed to delete the messages. (it applies to photo, video and etc.)